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In MY Own Words

Dance With Me (Eamon McCann EMC Music)

Well hello everybody,

It's nice to see you all back here again

And I sure hope you understand

How much it means to me to call you friends

Can't think of anything I'd rather be

Or anything I'd rather do

Than standing here with my guitar and with my band

And sing my songs to you


So dance with me laugh with me,

Sing along if you know the words

Cause there is nothing here on earth

Is gonna stop the music and the fun

That's the way it's gonna be,

Long as I got breath in these old lungs

To sing is what I've wanted

That's the dream I've had when I was young


Well I can still remember,

In my old bedroom with my guitar

And listening to the Hag and Jones and Johnny Cash

In my Daddy's car

I guess they'll never know it,

And maybe they won't ever hear my name

But they're the reason why I got this

Old country music in my veins

Chorus Twice

Tag - To sing for you is what I've wanted,

That's the dream I've had when I was young


Donegal We're Goin' Home (Eamon McCann EMC Music)

I'm drivin down this long road

Wishin it would bend a little more

The high rise in the distance

Can't remind me of the cliffs around Gweedore

This burnin sun and dusty clay's

No substitute for green grass and the rain

That I remember when we first kissed

Along the grassy slopes of Mulroy Bay

This city we've been livin in is beautiful no one can deny

Those neon lights light up this town

Brighter than the sun lights up the sky

But keeping everything in mind

There's nothing better that I'd like to see

Than the light in your eyes

As we walked hand and hand through Kerrykeel


Oh Donegal we're coming home

To see again the dance hall

Where we first met near Dungloe

And the corner in your father's barn

Where we'd steel away

To make our plans for leaving to America


Those neon lights are fading

As we fly away from Oklahoma town

We're gonna miss this city and all of the good friends we have found

We could stay a little longer

But darling I don't think we could ever find

The love and affection of the people that we once left behind

Chorus Twice

Oh Donegal we're goin' home

To see again the dance hall

Where we first met near Dungloe

And the corner in your father's barn

Where we'd steel away

To make our plans for leaving to America

Tag - No more we'll be leaving for America



She Only Sees The Face (Eamon McCann EMC Music)

She stares out the window over the fields

Not really looking at the picturesque scene

Cause deep in her head she can only see one thing

There's a show on T.V, her favorite one

She never missed any time it was on

Now it's almost over and she's not even aware that it's on.


She only sees the face of the man she loves

As he told her it was over

And from that moment on she has frozen in time

She won't let anyone hold her

She thinks to pick up the pieces is what fell on the floor

To turn a new leaf is for books and no more

She's just holding on until he comes home

She drives into town in her usual trance

Big trucks driving by, she don't give them a glance

She's a lovesick woman, crazy as they get

But on her way home she pulls up her car

To watch the kids playing in the school yard

She'll be having his baby

But she won't be having him home



No she'll never believe that he's not coning home


Long Road Without A Turn (Eamon McCann & Monica Ramsey

EMC Music)

I came home from school one day, all bloody and bruised.

My face was scratched, my books were torn

My tears all spent and used

That big boy beat me up again just because he could

He said we were poor and worthless and my family was no good.

My Daddy took one look at me, dried my tears and cleaned my knee.

He even put together my torn books.

Then he sat down beside me, to heal my heart and said to me,

It's a long road without a turn.


And it's a long road without a turn

And someday you'll look him in the eye and you won't have to run.

Well he may have won this time but I'm want to tell you son

It's a long road without a turn.

Well I grew up fast and strong and one day

Driving down the road

As I came towards a corner, I could see the taillights glow

Of a pick up truck rolled over and somebody trapped inside

Well I pulled him from that smoking wreck before it went on fire

Well he could hardly look at me;

His shameful thoughts were plain to see

Of how he beat me when I was a child

Then he choked and cried and said to me,

I made your life a misery

Never thought that down the road you would save mine

CHORUS (twice) Yes it's a long… Yeh it's a long


It's a long road without a turn.

Yes It's a long long road without a turn


Creggan (Eamon McCann EMC Music)

There's a spot here in Ireland

Where I love to roam

A little place called Creggan

In the county Tyrone

You may wonder why it should

Stand out from them all

But I guess that's because

It's the place I was born

Good memories I have

Of my childhood days

And I thank God for all those

Who showed me the way

Hard times were no strangers

But they've come and gone

And I'll always be proud

Of this place I call home


Of all of the sights that I've ever seen,

Nothing compares with the

Brown and the green.

Of the bog lands of heather

And the tall grass so green

In the lowlands of Creggan

Where the white hare has been

Sometimes when I wander

So far from my home

Folks there they wonder

Why I speak so fond

Of the people in Creggan

And all over Tyrone

So close to my heart

So deep in my soul

Chorus X 2


Born In Birmingham (Eamon McCann EMC Music)

Born and raised in Birmingham

But Irish to the bone

My Mamma came from Galway

My Daddy from Tyrone

They came here to find employment

Back in 1964

They met up in London town

Down in the Galtymore

My daddy said he came here

When he was 23

Cause he'd never find the work at home

To raise a family

So many times I'd hear them talk

Of comin back to stay

But then us kids we started school

And time just passed away


But Mum and Dad never really left old Ireland

Just couldn't get it out of their head

And although I spent all my life

Right here in Birmingham

Deep inside I feel Irish as well

Well time changes everything

And now I'm leaving home

To find the work they never had

In the land where they came from

It's funny how things turn around

But I'm sure glad they did

And it's strange how I can feel at home

In a land I've never been

Now Mum and Dad are leaving Birmingham

And I know where they'll be

Living here in Galway town

Pretty close to me

Soon they'll hold their first grandchild

And they might even cry

And hope he never has to kiss his

Mum and Dad goodbye



I'm so proud to be Irish like them


To Love From Loneliness (Eamon McCann EMC Music)

Everybody looks so well in the churchyard

As I drive in this old fancy car

Soon we'll all be gathered round the altar

Me and you never more to part

You look so stunning in your veil of white lace

I can't believe this day has finally come

It looked so much like rain early this morning

But the lord has heard our prayers and we have won.


So here we go down life's road together

It won't be hard to love you I know

And here we go to love from loneliness

Since we met just a year ago

All those years I spent alone before I met you

Wondering if someone like you might come along

Well I thought fairy tales were meant for children's stories

Or sometimes even turn up in a song

This year since I first met you has been like heaven

To think I always to be free

But when you said that you'd be mine forever

Well I knew that fairy tale came true for me



Lord since we met just a year ago





When You Come To Land (Eamon McCann EMC Music)

That time is coming round again

I can feel it in the air

Restless nights and day dreaming

The symptoms are all there

Oh it's all coming back to me

I'm preparing for the pain

But each time it gets harder

I feel I'm going insane


So you're going to fly again

I always knew you would

Never tried to hold you back

Didn't think I should

But darling when your wings get tired

When it's tough against the wind

Baby think of me

Let me be your tree

When you come to land

I used to wonder if I'd done you wrong

Or were you using me

I guess I didn't understand

How you needed to be free

But darling when that time will come

And you've tried all the wine

Spread your wings just once again

And come back to be mine



Baby think of me

Let me be your tree when you come to land


Forever You'll Be Mine (Eamon McCann EMC Music)

I know we need a lot more loving

And darling I've been coming round

And seeing things from your point of view

I know you need attention so don't be afraid to mention

Why you think I should sit down and talk to you

With all this hurrying and rushing, no holding back and pushing myself to the very limit every day

I need you to remind me, to open up my eyes and see

How your love can help me along the way


It doesn't really matter how far I get up there

Climb the ladder to the very sky

If I don't have your loving

Then darling I have nothing

Cause love is something money can't buy

So sit down here beside me

You have made the blind see

Brought me to my senses just in time

I know I've seen the light when I hold you tight

Just tell me that forever you'll be mine




I know I've seen the light when I hold you tight

Just tell me that forever you'll be mine

Just tell me that forever you'll be mine


The Gift Of Love (Eamon McCann EMC Music )

My daddy worked the land from dawn to dusk

To provide the simple needs for him and us

My mamma died when we were young

And left us in his hands

And life was never easy for a single family man

At Christmas time we'd watch the children

Playing in the fields

They'd speak about the gifts they gave

And those that they receive

But we always knew we'd never get

Those same things from the start

But the gift that daddy gave us

He gave it right from his heart


You can't wrap it up in silver bows or measure it in gold

And it's not a pretty painting for your eyes to behold

But it's like the waves upon the sea

Or the sun that shines above

It's a gift that lasts forever

And it's called love

Well now and then I reminisce as I watch our little son

Receiving his rewards for the good deed he has done

But the other gifts we give to him may now seem oh so small

But it's what my Daddy gave me

And it's the greatest gift of all



It's a gift that lasts forever

And it's called love


Johnny Cash Accolade (Eamon McCann EMC Music)

There's a place I keep in my heart for Johnny

He taught me many things that is a fact

And when my school day was ore

I'd close my bedroom door

I'd sit there and listen to the Man in Black

Sunday Morning Coming Down

And Don't take your guns to town

I'd sing along and then I'd learn the chords

I guess things happen that way

Ring of fire and Ira Hayes

Were You There When They Crucified My Lord


His music and the songs

Got me thinking right from wrong

How things are not always what they seem

He saw both sides of the argument

Bad desire and good intent

Johnny had a big effect on me.

He had a wild side, that couldn't be denied

But then all of us have in our own way

Flosom prison blues ,

Wanted man and boy named Sue

Were testimony to his darker days

But he never got the difference

In the prisoners and Presidents

They were all God's children he'd say

When the politicians of his day

Told him what he shouldn't say

If it was true he'd say it anyway

Chorus Twice

Tag- Johnny had a big effect, The first time I heard the Man In Black,

Lord he had a big effect on me


God Only Knows (Eamon McCann EMC Music)

Sometimes I wonder if I've thought it through

What I really want to do with my life

And what has he in store for me

Is it something that I want to be or something else

I don't know what's right or wrong and if I did I wouldn't sing this song but I know still

That I'll take life the way he sends it

If I can do something to mend it then I will.


Cause God only knows and only he can see

What's further down the road

What lies ahead for you and me

Right left or straight ahead

We can't make it on our own

But if we ask for his advice

Some day we'll realize that God only knows.

Well I've loved and lost and felt the pain

But always went back again for I knew I'd find

The one that he had made for me

Waiting there so patiently down the line

So if we could all just trust in him

And live our lives the best we can I know we'd see

That what he has for us in mind

Is much more than we could ever find or ever be



And if we ask for his advice

Some day we'll realize that God only knows


I've Gone Crazy (Eamon McCann EMC Music)

Well I guess that you've heard I've gone crazy

Since you walked out on me without a care

I may seem a little blue but that's got something to do

With the colour of jeans that I wear.

Now I know you're concerned about my state of mind

You feel a little guilty perhaps

But darling don't worry cause I'm in no hurry

To get myself back on those tracks


Cause darling I'm doing without you

What I wanted to do all along

I'm painting the town, I'm playing around

I've been a little crazy since you've gone.

Well you say that we need a little time on our own

Find out if we're right or wrong

Oh two weeks apart I thought might break my heart

How could I do without you that long.

But darling I'm doing without you

What I wanted to do all along

I'm painting the town, I'm playing around

I've been a little crazy since you've gone

Chorus (twice) Yes darling….But darling …..

I'm still painting the town, I'm still playing around and

And I've been a little crazy since you've gone


But For Me (Eamon McCann EMC Music)

But for me you might have been a princess

But for me you might have been a Queen

And when I think of what I have taken from you

When I chose to take the love you offered me

You could have been anything you ever wanted

You could have had any man it's plain to see

Just don't understand what you saw in this one

Don't you know what you could have had but for me


But for me this world I've known turned to heaven

When it revealed an angel like you

But for me you are and always will be

A Queen, a princess

And a woman too




My Queen, my princess

And my woman too


Life After You (Eamon McCann EMC Music)

Seeing you again first thing this morning

Had a very strange effect on me

For when you left I prayed to be with you

Now I'm not so sure that's where I want to be

They say that times a healer and there's no doubt

That it can take some credit I agree

But I've got back on my feet and I'm still standing

I'm not that weaker man I used to be.


Cause I've learned that there's life after you

After all the heartaches I've come through

Well I still have my bad times but I can have some good times

It's nice to know there's life after you.


You say that you've come back to talk it over

But talking is as far as I'll go

For I did too much time to think it over

And I guess this time round it's my turn to say no

Chorus twice


It's nice to know there's life after you.


Don't Call Me (Eamon McCann EMC Music)

Thinking of you makes me feel blue

But somehow I can't help myself

Speaking your name just drives me insane

If only you knew how I felt

Since you've been gone

The days been so long

The nights are as cold as can be

And darling just watching this phone on the wall

Is tearing the heart out of me


And you say don't call me, I'll call you

Don't worry I'll know what to do

But it's your one way system

That I just don't fit in

And you say don't call me I'll call you

I don't go anywhere in fact I don't care

If I never go out this door

Cause I'm much too busy just sitting here waiting

Wondering is it working at all

Have lost my number

Should I try the operator

To check everything is in place

Oh I'd give anything just to hear that phone ring

There'd be such a smile on my face

Chorus twice


You say don't call me….. I'll call you

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