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Eamon's Album of Original Songs

In My Own Words

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A note by Fr. Brian D'Arcy

(Sunday World / BBC Radio Ulster / BBC Radio 2)

On Eamon McCann's new album

In My Own Words

Eamon McCann becomes the first major Irish Country artist to produce an album of sixteen original tracks, all of them composed by himself. Fittingly, the album is called ‘In My Own Words'.

Over many years Eamon and I have discussed different trends in Country music. He has always been thoughtful, insightful and anxious to make a unique contribution to the music he loves.

No other Irish country artist has had the ability or the courage to record over 40 of his own songs.

Eamon's songs cover a wide range of themes and that is why at this crucial point in his life he has selected sixteen tracks covering a wide range of themes from the 40 he has already recorded.

Some have been taken from past albums and many have been re-recorded and digitally re-mastered. A few have never been released before.

This is an album that can stand comparison with any country album I have heard this year. In fact most of the songs are far more commercial and indeed far more country than anything released from Nashville in the recent past.

Eamon covers many themes. Typically, emigration is foremost in people's minds. Eamon gets to the heart of the matter with Born In Birmingham which is about a close family member who had to emigrate and Donegal We're Goin' Home, which also deals sympathetically with the theme of emigration.

Few country artists have ever tackled the thorny subject of bullying. But you can detect the hint of personal experience in ‘It's a Long Road Without A Turn'.

If you ask Eamon where he gets his inspiration then his answer probably would be everywhere including God – which is why he wrote, ‘God Only Knows'.

Another interesting theme is the value of relationships which was what inspired him to write,

‘To Love From Loneliness.' Eamon has added to the growing list of ‘Father' songs with ‘The Gift Of Love', about his own father's love for children. An attitude which has been passed on in Eamon's love for his own children.

Many people associate Eamon with Randy Travis but actually a bigger influence on him was the ‘Man in Black,' Johnny Cash. That's why Eamon on stage presents himself as another ‘Man in Black'. In any case The Johnny Cash Accolade is a fine song managing to mention and make sense of a host of Johnny Cash titles.

There are sad songs and lost love songs and happy songs. In fact one of the best tracks on it is ‘Dance With Me'.

All in all Eamon has achieved an album to be proud of in any category of music.

Sixteen superb songs brilliantly sung and all written and performed by the man himself

Eamon McCann. He is a man of few words but all of them are en-fleshed with brilliant music. This album showcases a rare and unique talent and I suspect it will be a long time before we find a collection of country gems as in Eamon McCann's, ‘In My Own Words'.

Brian D'Arcy (Sunday World / BBC )


Eamon McCann hails from Creggan near Omagh in Co.Tyrone , Ireland . He bought his first guitar with the money he received for winning a local talent contest and, at the age of sixteen, and along with his two younger brothers, he started playing his music all around his home county of Tyrone . After some persuasion from close friends, Eamon made his first recording in 1990 - a demo album entitled "I Give You Music" - and he has been giving us music ever since!

His next album followed shortly after entitled "Gold In The Mountain" gave Eamon his big break. When hearing his demo album Harmac Music, a top label, decided to sign him for the "Gold In The Mountain" album. Eamon's authentic country tones soon created a lot of attention throughout Ireland and the U.K. and soon the top Irish label, Ritz, signed Eamon for a four year contract in which he recorded four singles and three albums.

Eamon later moved to Tulip Records, where he has recorder three albums,

"Clear Cut Country", “My Country” and “Turn To Me”.

Eamon McCann is now one of the top country attractions throughout Ireland and the UK where he tours regularly and in at present making a big impact in Scotland where he has recently received the prestige award two years in a row in the Nashville Country Music Club as-

International Singer and Band Of The Year.

Eamon McCann's live dance show is one of the liveliest in Ireland with a band of very talented musicians. Eamon's many fans who follow his shows all over the country will say “You just have to dance to the Eamon McCann band with their great dance beat”

With his musically talented Band, Eamon has also played country festivals all over Europe and Australia . His lively dance program, which includes country, Irish and popular sixties-seventies music makes for a great night's entertainment.

Eamon McCann has to date, recorded numerous self-composed songs, which gives him the title as Ireland 's No.1 Country Singer/Songwriter.

It is easy for radio listeners to recognise Eamon McCann because of his unique syle of singing.

According to his many fans Eamon's live shows with his special beat are now better than ever for dancing. “His very lively versatile shows send everyone home in good form” they say.

Eamon and his band entertain at big dance venues, weddings, festivals, concerts and private functions.

Eamon McCAnn


Gold In The Mountains  Everything That I Am    Touch Wood


Clear Cut Country   My Country   Turn To Me   Best Of Eamon McCann


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Eamon McCann

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